Glucose Drink – Raspberry flavored

Fresh glucose product flavour: Raspberry
Glucose content: 75g
Volume: 300ml

Shelf life and storage:
Stored in the product’s crate at room temperature, the product is consumable for 18 months from delivery.

Serve cold. It is recommended that it be refrigerated for approx. 24h before serving.
Shake gently before serving.

Glucose product package sizes:
300 ml PET bottle
20 units per crate

Product: GlucoDos glucose drink Raspberry

Our research and development team has minimized the usage of incredients. GlucoDos Raspberry is rasberry flavored drink with syntetic raspberry incredient.

Product number: 670039
Glucose content: 75g
Ingredients: 75g glucose, water, E-330, raspberry flavour, E-211

Benefits of GlucoDos glucose drink product

    • Glucose Drinks from Lablemon are easy to drink and has fresh flavours.
    • Glucose drink rasberry flavoured is suitable for all users without allergies to incredients.
    • Easy to use, user-friendly, ready-to-drink glucose preparation, gluten free
    • Long shelf life: at room temperature, > 18 months from delivery
    • GlucoDos products do not contain evaporating carbon (which means long-lasting flavour)
    • GlucoDos products are delivered in PET bottles that are easy to handle and store
    • Crates facilitate clean storage
    • Both the bottles and the crates can be recycled or incinerated

Glukoosijuoma GlucoDos 75g Vadelma on raikas hyvänmakuinen helppo juoma.