Glucose Drink specifications 75g/300ml

Our glucose drinks are suited to the Scandinavian palate. The options are lemon-flavored GlucoDos Lemon, rasberry-flavored Glucodos Raspberry and neutral tasting Glucodos Makia Glucose Drink. Although glucose drinks are usually naturally sweet and somewhat “icky”, GlucoDos’s flavours deliver a balanced, fresh sweetness. GlucoDos is best served cold, and it is recommended that the drink be refrigerated before it is served.

Read Glucose Drink specifications! Glucose drink and energy fill up are good for active sports people

The best consistency

GlucoDos glucose drink saves you the trouble of mixing the drink. GlucoDos is ready to drink and has a glucose concentration of 75g. The drink comes in an environmentally friendly PET bottle with no risk of breakage. The plastic bottles are easy to handle and store. Please read more about the Glucodos!

The easiest to store glucose drink

GlucoDos glucose drink is delivered in 20-unit crates, facilitating the transport and storage of the product. The plastic bottles are noise-free, very light and unbreakable during transport. The bottles can be stored at room temperature, which means that they do not take up cold storage space. One of the product’s benefits is its extended storage time: 18 months from ordering. GlucoDos is carbon-free, which means its fresh flavour stays that way even after a long storage period. Learn more about lemon flavor, raspberry flavor or sweet glucose drink.

Check out the Glucodos introduction video and the storage of glucose drink