Multi-Purpose GlucoDos Glucose Drink

GlucoDos is a fresh, tasty glucose drink used by athletes as well as health care laboratories. The product, which is widely used in Europe, is finally available in Finland. In addition to its pleasant taste, another advantage of GlucoDos is its supply reliability. With GlucoDos you can ensure an endless supply of glucose drinks!

GlucoDos-glucose beverage is suitable for example. for athletes’ nutrition, energy recovery and stabilization of sugar balance. GlucoDos Glucose Drink is also suitable for treating hypoglycemia, for example according to the recommendations of the Diabetes Federation, and under the guidance of healthcare professionals in all situations where a clean, rapidly absorbed carbohydrate is required.
GlucoDos 75g / 300ml Glucose Drink is a reliable and fresh drink for the taste of northern Europe

Endless supply of glucose drinks

In need of a quick glucose drink supply? We promise to deliver within 24 hours of ordering. We will ensure that you are able to receive the products in the shortest possible time after placing the order. In Finland, GlucoDos is stored and distributed by Magnum Medical, guaranteeing a flexible, quick and reliable distribution service nationwide. Please, read more about the product here!

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