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We constantly receive enquiries about basic features, logistic specifications, product variations etc. So we decided to make a small video about most geenral questions.
Please see this short 1:30 min. video about our Glucose drink GlucoDos 75g/300ml.

What is GlucoDos glucose drink

GlucoDos is a fresh, multi-purpose tasty glucose drink used by health care laboratories as well as athletes. The product, which is widely used in northern Europe, is finally available in globally.  In addition to its pleasant taste, another advantage of GlucoDos is its supply reliability. With GlucoDos you can ensure an endless supply of glucose drinks!

Quick Glucose Drink supply

We promise to deliver within 1-2 days of ordering for our contract customers. We will ensure that you are able to receive the products in the shortest possible time after placing the order.
In Finland, GlucoDos is stored in Vantaa and Tallinn, guaranteeing a flexible, quick and reliable distribution service nationwide.

GlucoDos glucose drink product information

Product Information:
GlucoDos 75 ; 300 ml
Glucose content: 75g
Volume: 300ml
Ingredients: 75g glucose, water, E-330, flavour, E-211

Shelf life and storage:
Stored in the product’s crate at room temperature, the product is consumable for 18 months from production.

Serve cold. It is recommended that it be refrigerated for approx. 24h before serving. Shake gently before serving.

Glucose product package sizes:
300 ml PET bottle
20 units per box

Easy of Use

GlucoDos glucose drink is delivered in 20-unit crates facilitating the transport and storage of the product The plastic bottles are noise-free, very light and unbreakable during transport. The bottles can be stored at room temperature, which means that they do not take up cold storage space. One of the product’s benefits is its extended storage time: 18 months from production.

  • GlucoDos is carbon-free, which means its fresh flavour stays that way even after a long storage period.
  • Glucodos package
  • GlucoDos glucose drink saves you the trouble of mixing the drink.
  • GlucoDos is ready to drink and has a glucose concentration of 75g.
  • The drink comes in an environmentally friendly PET bottle with no risk of breakage.
  • The plastic bottles are easy to handle and store.


GlucoDos Box: 

  • Package size: 20 bottles/box
  • GlucoDos box weight: 6,5 Kg

GlucoDos Pallet: 

  • Amount of GlucoDos bottles on a pallet
  • 1440 bottles = 72 boxes
  • Pallet Size: 1,2m x 0,8m x 1,7m
  • Pallet weight: 468 Kg
  • Pallet Volume 1,63 m3


GlucoDos for sensitive users

  • GlucoDos glucose drink is manufactured in production environment which handles only glucose drink related incredients
  • GlucoDos is gluten free product
  • GlucoseDrink has many fresh tastes especially for nordic taste with nature-a-like approach
  • GlucoDos is manufactured in
    GMP and sertified production environment
  • All glucose drinks are allergy tested

GlucoDos Summary

  • Fresh flavours, easy to drink
  • Easy to use, user-friendly, ready-to-drink glucose preparation
  • Long shelf life: at room temperature
  • GlucoDos products do not contain evaporating carbon (which means long-lasting flavour)
  • GlucoDos products are delivered in PET bottles that are easy to handle and store
  • Crates facilitate clean storage
  • Both the bottles and the crates can be recycled or incinerated
  • Consistent quality from batch to batch



Please click the link below to see Glucose drink GlucoDos short product video
( 1min 30s )

Glucose Drink Glucodos Video

Glucose Drink Glucodos Product presentation 112018

Please click this link to see more information on Glucose drink GlucoDos.
If you need more informatio about GlucoDos products, deliveries, warehousing etc. please do not hesitate to contact us.